Puppy and Kitten Packages       A 15% Savings


At Cedar Way Veterinary Clinic, we have a soft spot for the littlest pets. So naturally, puppy and kitten healthcare is a top priority.

We want to ensure that your new addition stays healthy and safe.

Our puppy and kitten packages are designed to help you and your little one have the very best start to your new life together!

Your new puppy or kitten is very vulnerable to disease in its first weeks and months, and needs a properly designed program of vaccines and boosters.

Almost all harbor parasites too, so an exam and de-worming treatment are very important.

We are privileged to be there for you at this exciting time.

We will share with you special tips, advice and information to help in the care and feeding of your new little family member!

Puppy Package 


Your puppy's comprehensive package includes 3 or 4 puppy exams (depending on the age we start), immunizations, fecal examinations, deworming and healthcare information. Click here for Puppy Information.

Kitten Package


This comprehensive package includes 2, 3 or 4 exams (depending on the age we start), immunizations, FeLv and FIV testing, fecal examinations, deworming and kitten counseling. Click here for Kitten Information.